Second hand dishwashers in Christchurch

Dishwashers are one of the most frequently replaced items in kitchen remodels, giving you a great chance to pick up a real bargain that will provide you with years of trouble free clean dishes.

There are significant immediate and long term cost savings to be made when buying second hand so bring a couple of vital pieces of info with you when you come and see us

  • The dimensions of the space the dishwasher needs to fit into
  • The size of your family and the likely usage the dishwasher will get

Professionally guaranteed

When you buy a second hand dishwasher from Appliance Services, you can be confident that your dishwasher has been fully cleaned, fully inspected, that any parts needing replacement have been replaced and that it's covered by warranty our warranty.

Free delivery = no transport damage

Also important is the free delivery* that you get with our dishwashers.  Make sure your new dishwasher arrives in great condition and is professionally installed.

Our shop staff will help you choose

Stop into our show room and we can talk through what sort of appliance will suit your family's needs the best.

Second Hand Dishwasher Prices

From $395

Appliance Services has a range of second hand dishwashers available for purchase from our store in Central Christchurch that range in prices from $395 to $695 including our warranty guarantee.


3, 6 or 12 Month Guarantees*

We are so confident that our second hand dishwashers will run smoothly, that we offer a guarantee / warranty for your buying peace of mind.

The length of time your dishwasher will be covered is clearly displayed on each second hand unit in our store in Central Christchurch.  

All of our whiteware are marked with 3 month, 6 month, or 12 months of coverage for your chosen whiteware - we'll put it in writing with your purchase for your peace of mind.

*Conditions apply


  • On purchases over $195
  • Within Christchurch Metro Area
  • During normal business hours
  • Offer covers one delivery person
  • Extras:
    • $30 per extra delivery person

What our customers say:

Another local business I am impressed with: Appliance Services in the NB Mall. 

When I called them up the friendly admin lady didn't muck around and stated very clearly what their pricing looks like.  So I knew what to expect. 

And then she asked: "Would you like someone to come round today or tomorrow?" Ah, music to my ears. 

When delightful Tim Stockman then came round to check out the problem with our washing machine he figured out an easy way I could deal with the issue. 

I don't know why I spent years of being annoyed with that frickin' machine....

Frauke John