Is your dishwasher in need of repair?

A kitchen in need of dishwasher repairDishwashers are marvellous assets to have in your kitchen, until they start leaking or stop working as they should! But don’t despair, often dishwasher problems are easily repaired.

Below are some of the common issues people experience with their dishwashers.


Leaking Dishwasher or not cleaning very well?

  • Use less detergent or make sure your using the correct 'low suds' detergent for dishwashers. It could be that the detergent is forming too many suds and causing leaks, usually these leaks are noticed around the base of the dishwasher. A problem with the dispenser can be that it 'dumps' rinse aid into the machine, this causes excessive sudsing, the dispenser is faulty & will need replacing, or simply stop using rinse aid.
  • Ensure you are stacking the dishwasher correctly, rinsing dishes first helps reduce food scraps entering filters & spray arms, this could restrict water flow. Overloading the dishwasher can result in spray arms getting caught & dishes not getting clean.
  • Look to see that the dishwasher is sitting level, if not adjust the feet until it is level, the door should now close smoothly.
  • Check the door is shutting properly, if you can jiggle it when it is shut then it is too loose & needs the door latch adjusting. When the dishwasher is going, push on the door, if this makes it quieter then the door is too loose or not sealing correctly.
  • Inspect the hose connections for any drips or leaks, this is best done when the water tap is on & under pressure. A leak could mean the connection needs tightening, a hose washer needs replacing, or possibly the hose itself needs to be replaced.


Dishwasher not starting

  • Test that the dishwasher door is shutting properly and carefully inspect the latch to confirm it is not broken.
  • Make sure the child lock-out feature (if your model has one) is turned off.
  • Check where the dishwasher plugs in, to ensure it is plugged in and turned on, as the plus is in a cupboard next to the dishwasher it's possible it could get knock by pots & pans. If there is still no power getting to the dishwasher, then check the 'house mains' board to see if a fuse has blown or circuit breaker tripped, modern homes will have RCD's protecting mostly all circuits, one of these tripping indicates a short circuit in the machine that will need professional attention.
  • Inspect the cord going to the dishwasher for any burns or breaks, do this with the plug disconnected.
  • If the control panel lights up but nothing happens or you hear a hum with no other action then the main motor or drain pump might be stuck. Please ensure you turn off the power at the mains before touching the motor. Remove the lower panels and reach under to spin the motor by hand. If the blades don’t turn freely, do not force them. Just give us a call and we can come out and take a look.


If you have a broken dishwasher, we are here to help. Whether it be a simple or a complicated issue, we can repair your dishwasher for you. Call us on 03 366 1118.

Call out fees

  • We don’t charge for coming out to see you, that means that if you just forgot to turn the water on, or something similar, it won’t cost you the earth. Our terms are clearly stated when you book the repair, and while we’re there we’ll do a maintenance check so your machine stays in action longer.

We can save you money

Many issues can be fixed in the first hour. We do our best to do that, to get you up and running fast and we carry parts for many major brands in our vans.

If it can’t be fixed in the first hour, we’ll give you a quote to fix it so you know what you’re up for.

Our fixes are guaranteed for 12 months on new parts & we stand by our repair with a 6 month workmanship guarantee.

Call us today – we’re waiting for your call - 03 366 1118

What our customers say:

Another local business I am impressed with: Appliance Services in the NB Mall. 

When I called them up the friendly admin lady didn't muck around and stated very clearly what their pricing looks like.  So I knew what to expect. 

And then she asked: "Would you like someone to come round today or tomorrow?" Ah, music to my ears. 

When delightful Tim Stockman then came round to check out the problem with our washing machine he figured out an easy way I could deal with the issue. 

I don't know why I spent years of being annoyed with that frickin' machine....

Frauke John